Social Media Psychology – When No One Responds to Wine

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winesocialmediaYou want to use social media in your wine business.  You feel the pressure.  Everyone else is jumping on the band wagon. Now you feel left behind.  You decide to sign up for your many free social networking accounts.  You start out great.  You are updating your status faster than the stock market changes.  It’s exciting.  You actually are getting into it.  You say to yourself, “this is fun”.  Then it happens.  Nothing.  No responses to your updates.  No change in business.  Nothing.  You lose interest, because you are not getting the positive reinforcement for putting forth all the time on social networking.  You become frustrated.  You may even stop doing it.  You may even tell yourself,  “it doesn’t work”.  You may fall deeper into your social media disgust, by becoming a social media “nay-sayer”.  So why didn’t work?  Why are others seemingly proclaiming the virtues of social media for business and you are not?

The psychology of social media.

What?  Yes it’s true, every social network has it’s own psychology.  There are different unwritten rules, norms, customs, and expectations for each social network.  You can do all the updating and tweeting you want, but if you have violated the unwritten rules people will not read them.  It’s similar to the adage, “if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it make a sound”?  The social media version goes like this, “if you write a status update and no one reads it, did you really write anything”?  Many times the problem is that you did not understand the psychology of the social network, and people are not paying attention to you.


Social media networks are no different than any other group that you might belong to.   You may not be consciously aware of it,  but your face to face groups all have a different set of unwritten rules, norms, and expectations that you are expected to follow.  What is more of a phenomenon is that your behavior is guided by these unwritten rules, and you do not even realize it.

A couple of examples from your life:

Suppose you belong to a local business group.  Is there an unexpressed expected dress code? What about the topics that dominate the conversations?  Are there certain conversations you would not have?  Would you stand up during the meeting periodically and say, “buy my wine, I have a great deal”?  Have you ever thought why you would not?

Now take a social group you are in with your friends.  You are sharing a great bottle of wine or three.  What is the dress like?  More flexible?  How about the conversations with your friends?  Would you every few minutes tell your friends you have great wine, and they should buy it? Or every 30 minutes tell your friends about your new wine promotion?  How about if a new friend joins the group?  Is the first thing that comes out of your mouth, “hello, buy my wine”?


Of course this is ridiculous.  If you were to do one or any of these things you would have violated the social norms and expectations of the group.  If you continued with any of  these behaviors, it would not take long for these groups to find ways to no longer include you in their activities.  They may formally remove you.  Worse yet they may ignore you and not invite you to future group activities.  Let’s be honest if you would not perform these type of behaviors face to face, then it’s a good idea,  not practice them in your social media.

The next series of articles I will be posting will specifically look at the psychology of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn  In each of these articles I will describe the social norms and expectations, but I also will prescribe the safest way to navigate the marketing waters within each of these social networks safely.

Stay tuned, it’s going to get fun!


Jay (Giulio)

3 Responses to “Social Media Psychology – When No One Responds to Wine”

  1. Randy Sloan Says:

    Jay, I just stumbled upon a post of yours on LinkedIn which led me here. I’m looking forward to reading this upcoming series. I’m currently trying to learn the do’s and don’ts for our winery in social media.

    Randy Sloan, Match Vineyards

  2. Richard Beaudin Says:

    Jay, a lot of interest now I believe from wineries after the VinTank and Silicon Valley Bank reports – and the economic downturn! There is a lot of activity and some are finding benefit. I recently provided some data regarding the 500+ wineries that currently have a fan page on Facebook ( I will be following this up with the results of a survey of the top 50 likely next week. Randy… you may find the data interesting as well if you are looking to setup a page. Thanks for the post – social media can be very beneficial, but there are differences in approach, timing and content.

  3. Wine Web Dr. Says:


    Thank you for the information. I look forward to reading through it. I will be posting “Facebook Psychology” very soon.



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