By way of introduction…

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Yes that’s me.  The Internet Doctor of Wine. 

Social Media and Internet Professional and Wine Student.

What can you expect from this BLOG:

1. I will search for the facts and the numbers.  Social media is a great thing.  I want facts not just a good idea.

2. I will speak my mind.  I am not always going to be politically correct.  You can’t be honest, if you hide behind nice nice.

3. I will attempt to be funny.  Note the word attempt.

4. I will try to find research to help make sense of this bizarre world of social media.

5. I will always include wine in my discussion.

6. I reserve the right to talk about nothing but wine.

7. I will always try to be practical.

8. I will challenge the conventional wisdom of many social media idiots who call themselves experts or gurus.  They talk a good talk, but I will challenge them to demonstrate their ideas with numbers.

9. I will always be an advocate for the consumer.  If more businesses would think about their consumer first, they would find that the business will take care of itself.

10. I will always search for the best ideas for the wine industry that will challenge them to be better in the interactive web world.

Is there more.  Yes.  However, I think you get the picture.  I hope you will come by often.  Please comment.  I welcome the challenge of others.  My opinion is that if we don’t challenge each other, if we don’t make each other uncomfortable, we do not grow and learn.  Those are two things I always want to do.  Grow and Learn.  I hope you do too.

Here is looking forward to our next glass of wine on the webvine.



We are Just Getting Started!

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We are just getting started on the Wine Web Vine.  Here is what you should know.  We are going to discuss issues of social media, the internet and other things that affect the wine consumer, and the wine industry.  At times it will be edgy.  Never fear we can take the criticism.  We love our research, so we are constantly looking out for information to help make the muddy waters of social media and the internet a little clearer.